Adorable Fruits & Vegetables to Crochet by Marie Clesse

Adorable Fruits & Vegetables

Adorable Fruits & Vegetables to Crochet: Delicious Decorations for Your Table by Marie Clesse
English | April 15th, 2020 | ISBN: 0486842770 | 64 pages | EPUB | 23.79 MB

Add some zest to your kitchen décor with these fun-to-make crocheted ornaments. Suitable for crafters at all skill levels, 24 appealing projects include a banana, complete with a crocheted “skin” that allows you to peel and remove the fruit; a full lemon and one that’s cut in half; a pea pod, complete with little removable peas; and other charming fruits and vegetables.

Each project features detailed instructions and is accompanied by full-color photos of the finished item. Also included are suggestions for appropriate types of yarn, stuffing, and other materials as well as the best hooks, needles, and other tools; notes on assembly and finishing touches; and estimates for how long each project takes to complete (most can be crocheted in less than an hour). These cute little crocheted ornaments make charming, unusual gifts for friends and family, too.

This technique makes it possible to tighten the first round so that there is no gap at the center of the work. Hold the end of the yarn between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Roll it around your index finger, making one turn. Hold the part of the yarn connected to the ball with the middle finger and the ring finger. Insert the crochet hook under the loop formed on the index finger (between the yarn and the underside of your finger) and bring back the yarn attached to the ball. Make a chain stitch. The magic circle is ready. Starting from there, crochet the number of stitches indicated in the loop thus formed. All that is left to do is to pull the end of the yarn to tighten the circle. Secure this yarn, if necessary, by crocheting it into the stitches of the second round.

Crocheting in a spiral

This technique consists of crocheting continuously, without closing the rounds.

At the end of a round, simply continue crocheting in the next stitch, which is the first stitch of the round that you just finished.

It is important to use a stitch marker to keep your place in your work. Place this marker on the first stitch of each round. On the last stitch of the round, remove the marker, make the first stitch of the following round, and place the marker over it.

Crocheting in closed rounds

This technique consists of closing each round before moving on to the following one.

After making the last stitch of the round, make a slip stitch in the first stitch that you made at the start of the round. This stitch closes the round, and it is never counted in the stitch count of the round.

To start a new round, first make the number of chain stitches corresponding to the type of stitch that you are going to crochet on this round, to reach the correct height: one chain for single crochet, two for half doubles, three for double crochet, etc. These chain stitches are not counted in the stitch count of the round.

Next, make the first stitch of the new round in the first stitch of the preceding round (the same one as the one in which you just made a slip stitch).

Even though it is easier to keep your place in the work by crocheting in this manner, I suggest that you mark the first stitch of each round in any case.

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