Coding for Kids in Python by Ellen Tale

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Coding for Kids in Python: Create Your First Game with Python by Ellen Tale
English | 2020 | ASIN: B084DG66YN | 192 pages | ePUB/AZW/PDF | 3.3 MB

Coding with Python is like Magic
Shay, Matilda, and James are cool. They can code! They go on awesome adventures on their computers. They create games sometimes during some of these adventures. They even sometimes sell these games and get some money. They use this money to get more adventures on their computer and sometimes the dreamy things they want in real life.
This book is written to help you to be cool like Shay, Matilda, and James, to have fun like them, create games like them and maybe sell your games one day.
To do this, this book will teach you how to Code with Python, one of the easiest ways to go on wonderful adventures on your computer. There are so many awesome adventures you can go on with coding but we would focus mainly on creating games. At the end of this book, you would have the basic tools to develop yourself further with the python programming language.
Now get yourself a good computer and let’s go on this wonderful adventure together. Some parts of it may be boring, some parts hard and others complex but it is necessary because, in every good adventure, the hero must face hard and complex things else you would have no adventure and going to the kitchen to stuff your face full of cake would be an adventure.
When things get hard or confusing as you read this book, all you have to do is to simply try to break down what you are doing into the simplest of terms. For example, when you don’t understand a sentence, you should read each word in that sentence understanding the meaning of each word then read the sentence again. If you try this, you will find out that usually, you will understand the sentence like magic. The same works for this book.

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