Summer Food by Jill Jacobsen

Summer Food

Summer Food: 600 Delicious Recipes For Hungry Party Guest (Fingerfood, Party-Snacks, Dips, Cupcakes, Muffins, Cool Cakes, Ice Cream, Fruits, Drinks & Co.) by Jill Jacobsen
English | April 3rd, 2020 | ISBN: 0463308549 | 779 pages | EPUB | 0.84 MB

Summer, sun, warm nights – in the warmest season of the year, partying with friends and family outside is great fun. For an unforgettable experience, we have put together deliciously light summer party recipes to toast and feast on.

✓ Summer Salads, Layer Salads and Fruit Salads
✓ Party Skewers, Dumplings and Snack Wraps
✓ Snack Toasts, Party Breads with Dips and Sauces
✓ Summer Cakes, Cool Cakes, Cupcakes and Muffins
✓ Fruit Ice Cream, Yogurt Ice Cream, Granita and Sorbet
✓ Smoothies, Iced Teas, Lemonade, Cocktails and Longdrinks

My specialty are everyday recipes, in which good taste and healthy nutrition complement each other perfectly. In my “COOKING & BAKING LOUNGE” you will find delicious recipe ideas that surprise your family and friends. Let yourself be inspired by the great creative recipes. As you know, the appetite comes by scrolling.

All recipes in the cookbook with detailed instructions.

Give beans on a sieve, let dry and underwater washing well. Fennel and red pepper Clean, disassemble underwater washing into two parts. All in thin slices or rings crush or slice. Peel the onions and chop or slice into thin rings.

Clean lettuce, clean water, plucking small and let dry thoroughly. Arugula clean water, clean, leave them to dry. Half with yogurt and mayonnaise puree and season with salt and pepper. Allow to dry mozzarella and chop small.

Clean sage in water, pat dry, pluck leaves. 5 ham slices next to each other and half of the sage on distributing it put the other slices.

Every shred ham piece again into two halves. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a skillet, ham pieces of each side so therein the. Sauté 1 minute. Let dry on paper towels.

Vinegar with salt, pepper and sugar, whisk. 5 tablespoons of oil in a thin stream embezzled. All prepared salad ingredients, mix until arugula sauce and prosciutto chips, with the vinaigrette.

With the rocket sauce a few drops Serve it with ham and chips and bring to the table. Serve with bread.

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