The Viking Hondbók by Kjersti Egerdahl

The Viking Hondbók

The Viking Hondbók: Eat, Dress, and Fight Like a Warrior by Kjersti Egerdahl
English | May 5th, 2020 | ISBN: 0762495898 | 224 pages | EPUB | 32.87 MB

A fun and fascinating look at Vikings and the Viking Age, and what it was like to live life like a Norseman.

Vikings, those ancient Norse seafarers, have inspired plenty of pop culture phenomena, from the A&E hit show Vikings to Thor Ragnarök, to the ever-expanding world of Viking larp. Known for being skilled craftspeople, accomplished merchants, hardworking farmers, and masters of the sea, the Vikings were a complex and captivating people.

Inspired by the legendary legacy of the Vikings, author Kjersti Egerdahl presents a compelling and entertaining guide exploring who the Vikings were and how they lived, from ancient Norse daily life to battles and adventuring. You’ll learn how Vikings ate, dressed, and fought, and even how they weaved the perfect beard braid and built warships and weapons. Interspersed throughout is revealing historical anecdotes about Viking conquests, famous warriors, mythology and afterlife, and much more.

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