Welcome to the Real World by John Henry Weiss

Welcome to the Real World

Welcome to the Real World: A Complete Guide to Job Hunting for the Recent College Grad by John Henry Weiss
English | March 4th, 2014 | ISBN: 1628736860 | 424 pages | EPUB | 1.39 MB

Are you still looking for that perfect job six months after graduating from college? Are you also still firing off hundreds of resumes from your parents’ house with little or no results? Then you need the real-world advice of executive recruiter John Henry Weiss. In Welcome to the Real World, Weiss provides much-needed guidance to recent college graduates seeking their first jobs in the real world of work.

Weiss explains that companies do not hire resumes. They hire candidates who make the effort to build personal relationships. He discusses the importance of leaving the house to find employers at venues such as job fairs, trade shows, and conferences, and even Starbucks.

Weiss points out that work is a means to getting out on your own, and he offers encouraging advice and tips for how to do just that, such as:
• Establishing a home office for job hunting
• Using social media effectively to find employers and increase your chances of getting hired
• Dressing appropriately for job interviews
• Starting your own business
• Targeting companies that value the skill sets of returning military personnel
• Evaluating and negotiating job offers
• And much more!

Welcome to the Real World is not only the ultimate career guide for finding your first job, but also for understanding the real world of work, and for beginning the rest of your life.

Welcome to the Real World addresses a continuing national crisis: more than 60 percent of recent college graduates holding associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees have not found employment six to twelve months after receiving their diplomas. They continue to live at home, much to the distress of parents, spouses, or partners, and sit at their computers firing off resumes into space believing that is the way to find that all-important first job.

If you fit this description, you probably have student loans to pay off as well, and you see the debt mount each month as your job searches yield few bona fide leads despite the flurry of resumes you have sent. When the resume routine gets boring, you might turn to tweets and text messages as a last resort for finding employment. You rarely leave home to look for a job and believe that somehow the job will come to you because, after all, you are a college graduate.

Many of you truly believe the words of the speaker at your commencement exercise who may have said something to the effect of, “Congratulations, college graduates! Your college degree is your ticket to a life of happiness and job opportunities. Go forth from these hallowed halls and slay dragons, and do good things for society. You are a college graduate. You are a master of the universe.”

Six months later, you begin to wonder what that diploma really means. You do, however, know (and so do your parents) that those nasty loans need to be paid off, and this means you had better find a job quickly. It is not a pretty picture.

Like many college graduates you probably buy into the hype about the bad economy causing the seeming lack of job opportunities. You and your colleagues blame politicians and unethical businesspeople for the high unemployment rate. “I can’t find a job because there’s nothing out there, and it’s not my fault,” many of you bellow from Boston to Seattle, from Bemidji to Miami. However, in your heart you know that is not the real reason. There is something wrong and you just cannot figure it out. There is help, however, and it is this book, Welcome to the Real World.

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